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        Class: Boilers
        Manufacturer: Babcock & Wilcox
        Part Number: 41055
        Qty: 2

        Description: (2) Babcock & Wilcox Package Steam Boiler, 50,000 Lbs/Hr Boilers, 1500 Hp, Re-Tubed With Low Hours And Upgraded With Coen Burner Model Bms 2000 20d-12440-1, With Coen Burner Control System, 250 Psi, System Complete With Da Tank, Mcc Panels, Feedwater Pump,
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        Class: Boilers » Parts
        Manufacturer: Us Filter
        Model No: MB-895
        Part Number: 26598
        Qty: 1

        Description: Manual Mixed Bed Deionizer, 30 Gpm
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        2 matching items found
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